Welcome to De La Salle (DLS) GAA Club. We are delighted that you and your child have taken the first step in becoming part of the largest GAA Club in Waterford. As part of our coaching programme we would hope that your child will enjoy themselves and at the same time learn the skills of Hurling, Camogie & Football.


We have two venues in which we run our nursery programme:

1. Our club grounds at Gracedieu East in the city. This venue serves the players from St. Stephen’s Primary School in Stephen Street

2. The front field at De La Salle College Secondary School, Newtown Road. This venue serves the players from St. Declan’s Primary School in Water Street.

Volunteers and Mentors

Sessions are run by volunteers (mainly parents of the children involved who volunteered from the side-line). Mentors begin setting up at 11.00 a.m. We are always looking for new volunteers to help the sessions run smoother. There are lots of ways to get involved - setting up equipment, organising , First Aid, tidying up, mentoring etc. – Please join in as all are welcome and it is much appreciated.

Time - Duration

The start time for the nursery is 11.30 am sharp every Saturday morning and the session runs for one hour. Training commences in late August and runs until mid-July roughly coinciding with the primary school year. We usually break in early December for Christmas and resume in early January. Training continues as usual on Bank Holiday weekends

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Each age group within the nursery has its own text alert group. This is how we contact you, re cancellations / upcoming events. Please ensure your contact details are included when you complete your membership form. These forms are available from your son’s/daughter’s coaches. You can follow us on Twitter at: @delasallejuvenile.

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Membership / Registration Info.

Children joining between September 2013 and December 2013 will be members until December 31st 2014. Annual membership fees are: €20 per year. The membership year runs from Jan 1st. to Dec 31st. By joining, you help to fund the purchase of equipment for the children, ensuring that we can offer them facilities which enhance their enjoyment and improve their skill levels. In addition your membership helps pay for Insurance and the running costs of the club. Nursery membership forms & payment can be returned to the club coaches any Saturday morning. Only those who have paid their membership fees are deemed members and are covered by club insurance. It is essential that we know about each child playing with us. i.e their guardian/parent’s details and any relevant medical conditions that might impact on how a child is managed at training, in particular, responding in the case of a medical emergency.

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What to expect during a session / What your child will learn

The session is usually a mix of games, drills and matches promoting football, hurling and camogie skills. Children are initially grouped by their class group in school. Eventually they will be grouped by their year of birth. Children can start in the nursery once they are in the senior infant class in primary school.

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Equipment / What we recommend

As your child advances through the nursery, we recommend you consider purchasing some items for your child to allow them to get the most out of the games. Hurleys / Balls / Sliotars / Helmets are provided by the nursery at training, so the purchase of the following items will enable the child to practice while at home and this will lead to a vast improvement in their skills:


Helmet, shin guards, hurley and sliotar. Football boots for outdoors. Always bring a water bottle.

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Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct

As a parent, it is extremely important that you lead by example when involved in sport. We would ask that rather than asking the children if they won, that they are asked ‘Well how did you play?, Did you play well?, Did you have Fun?.’

In the interest of everyone all parents/guardians of nursery members must agree to the following code of conduct:

• Always encourage and support your child in their sport – attend matches on a regular basis and assisting in the organisation of club activities.

• Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching your child. Show appreciation and support the mentors. Help out when necessary.

• Inform the mentors of any conditions, medical or otherwise, regarding your child.

• Behave responsibility on the side-line. Use appropriate language at all times.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of ability, age, gender, religion, social or ethnic background.

• Ensure your child gets to and from training safely and is on time.

• Encourage your child to learn the rules and play by them and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.

• Ensure your child has the proper training/playing gear and water bottle.

• Ensure that your child is registered and the membership is paid.

• Respect the coaches’ decisions / referees’ decisions and encourage your children to do the same.

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Nursery Coordinators

Eamonn FitzGerald – St. Declan’s Primary School

Joe Carton - St. Stephen’s Primary School Contact No: 087-9215541

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Easter Summer Camps

The club runs a number of camps during the school holidays, further details on these will be available on club website, at nursery or via text message. These camps cater for hurling / football and camogie across all under age groups from 6 years and up. A modest fee is charged for these camps.

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Mentor Courses

If you are a parent and thinking of becoming involved, or a parent that is already involved and wants to further your skills, there are coaching courses available. We run a Foundation Award Course. This shows the key points of the GAA skills, introduces games for improving technical skills and movement skills as well as team play.It is run over two evenings and a Saturday. It will make your coaching sessions more fun for the kids and give you more confidence in what you’re saying to them. For those of you who have already completed these courses and want to further your skills to keep ahead of the kids you are coaching, more advanced courses are available.

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The club shop sells tracksuits in children and adults sizes, replica club jerseys, club shorts and socks in children and adult sizes, club hoodies in children and adults sizes, club winter jackets in adult sizes, club beanie hats. Hurleys and Helmets can be purchased in both primary schools. Most of the stock is held at the clubhouse. All proceeds from club shop go directly to club for club activities and promotion of the game within the club. The club shop is located in the club house at Gracedieu Opening Hours • 11.30 to 12.30 on Saturdays.

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The club runs a Lotto draw every two weeks. This is a vital source of revenue for the running of the club. All support is hugely appreciated.

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Further Information

There is more information about the club as well as player, mentor and general code of conduct at: If you have any queries , please ask ! All mentors will help. You can simply talk to the Nursery coordinator before, during or after training on Saturday mornings.

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Nursery Photo Gallery

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