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    • InFriday 7 ‘ain Carrick In Shannon

    Live updates from the Feile will appear here if there is such thing a mobile phone network signal in lovely Leitrim.

    Blow out on motorway.


    Bad start….. I Wont be in time for the games tonight by the looks of it..


    F $$$$ k     Awful journey…..just made it

    17:00 DLS V Leitrim Gaels —

      Dls 3-4 : 0-2 HT.

    One way traffic.


    Dls 4-8 0-6 FT


    No sign of any large bottles yet. Gettin worried,


    Johnny Walsh says he knows a good place for later. He looks thirsty. ..


    Larry Cunningham singing Lovely Leitrim at the back of the stand.


    18:20 DLS V St. Kevins-


    Lively stuff here after a delayed start.


    No score after 10. Dls the better side. DLS 1 point up.


    Tense stuff. Opposition fans gettin rowdy.


    Another point for Paudis tigers…Gettin on top but missin too many chances

    Goal for DLS.. Kevind fans gone quiet now.

    They have one eye on the disco tomorrow night.

    Word filterin through that The lacks from London are hosted in Dromahair too. Paudis half time team talk should be straight forward now..

    Johnny still lookin thirsty





    HT Dls 1-02: 0:0

    Phone mighnt last until full time.


    The man in the shop doing a brisk trade.

    Paudi gettin animated.


    Few bad tackles flyin in

    Another 2 points for DLS and a quick point in reply from the men from the wee county.

    Gettin nippy here now.

    Another point for Kevins. 1-4 0-3

    The lads are hanging on but only just.

    Kevin’s pouring it on.

    Kevin’s fans do in some roaring and bawlin.

    Final whistle.

    Job done….

    1-5 0-5. FT.

    Good night being had in the village.

    No large stout but the pints were A1.

    Mark Flynn drank all the cider in the River Bank so we moved swiftly onto Stanfords.

    Nice little village.

    Church,chipper,Chinese,pizzaria,4 houses and 4 pubs.

    Johnny finally got his few Heinekens so he is a happy chappy.


    The Dromahair secretary trying to soften up Paudi by tell I’m him tomorrow mornings opposition are mission 6 but he’s not buyin it and orders more stout.

    Fair play to Tom OLeary for sending up a few bob for drink.

    The lads are all settled in with their hosts and are all enjoying it and bonding well.

    One of the lads brought a suit for tomorrow nights disco. He means business.

    The London Lacks will be well impressed.

    Playing Dromahair on their own patch at 11 in the morning.

    40 km spin back to Carrick on Shannon in the afternoon then for the business end of things.



    Paudi expecting tough opposition but knows there’s potential for a handy draw.

    All the talk now is about the Irish Derby tomorrow and Jack Duggans run in the half marathon.

    Few worried about how we’ll tune into WLR for commentary from the sports field for the big game against Laois tomorrow evening. Elsie reckons it won’t be a problem. She’s seen it all before….

      • Saturday Jun 28th. (Feile 1/4 Finals, World Cup last 16 and Irish Derby day at the Curragh)


    We are in for some day of it

    Bad start to day #2 No Racing Post in the shop.

    The girl never heard of it.

    You just know your in Serious bandit country when they say that.

    I’d say there are a few ceanns down in the village this morning

    Johnny Walsh is on Neymar for first goal this evening @3/1

    11:00 Dromahair V DLS

    No signal at heheadquarters of Dromohair football this morning

    Dromahair 0-1 : 02 DLS HT


    Dromohair 1-2 : 3-6 DlS FT


    Slow start against a small host team. Took time time to get going but a couple of late goals put it to bed

      Stiffer opposition this evening. Waitin to hear who we play still….

    16:40 1/4 Final v Miltown Malbay


    In Carrick in Shannon (the big smoke)


    Great buzz at the County ground. Paudi is a man with a plan.

    Dan Casey still not happy about the 1.30 closin time in the Stanford. Wont be going back there again


    Some of the lads not feelin well and its no wonder. They had to go pick their own eggs from the coop for breakfast

    DLS 0-3 to no score


    DLS 0-3 0-1 MM


    We hit the post 3 times. Need to start making them count…


    4 points each..

      GOAL DLS…..       1-4  0-4


    game and a half here. …

    All over…

    0-4 1-5


    Miltown supporters got hot under the collar….They’re only kids lads


    Great win for Paudis outfit. He’s gaspin

    Christy is nursin pints but hes on edge over the large bottle situation.

    Its not going to improve in Co.Mayo.

    The Racing Post gave us a nice double in the football so all is well…


    Spot the headcase




    Rock St.Patricks, according my butty Rachel Wyse, provides the opposition for tomorrows semis….

    A Tyrone outfit.

    Paudi doesnt like that crowd and he has a serious plan for them boys!!!!


    Leitrim abuuuuuu


    Word just camein of some muck savage workin and signing in Tubbercurry but Paudi not interested. He has a game to win and the plan is top secret


    The bar man in the Blue Devon told us that the road to Claremorris is cat for breathalisers on Sunday mornings.

    Paudi needs to come up with another plan to solve that problem.   And it better be good….

    Surely we will pick up a Racing Post on the way…


    The Disco was a great success. Lot of phone numbers exchanged with the London Lacks.

    These Dromohair lads no how to put on a show. Lovely people. Well be back…



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    Time for breakfast, quick swim in the lake, mass and then try to find Claremorris on the sat nav.


    Talk to ye from Mayo.       If we avoid the breathelisers


    Powerful day in Claremorris



    Mark Flynn lost in action




    Great signage to the pitch. “Claremorriss TENNIS CLUB” where would u get it




    No Pre mstch nerves here




    DLS V Rock St. Patricks Tyrone 12.00 throw In






    dls 02: 0-1 roc



    5 bad wides early for dls





    0:2 each after ten mins








    And another GOAL DLS





    2-2  0-2 HT





    Got away with the early misses


    well on top







    Penalty DLS   Missed     2-2 : 0-3



    Bookin for Seaghan Walsh

    Pulled a fella 1/4 his size to the ground. Hes bigger than the chaps father

    2-4 : 0-3 to


    well on top

    5 left


    Goal Dls


    Goal Roc


    Dls 3-4 : Roc 1-3


    All Over

    3-4 : 1-3 FT


    The lads can smell it now




    Onto the final now in Ballyhaunis Home of Majella……



    Word filterin through that Pat Twomey currently holds the Yella jersey in the tour DLS



    Whoever came up with the idea of puttin a centre of exellence in this lication needs a serious kick in the hole


    The team bus just arrived. The lads are in good form




    Paudi has a plan


    Jayses Im gaspin. Some weather





    Waitin on word from other semi final.





    And the best way to get home




    Hey Joey what Einstein was behind this place? Id get back from Alaska quicker…Not even a bar here.





    Look at this patient








    St. Brigits Leitrim are the opposition in the final




    Paudi gone to see the parish priest for advice




    The plan is being hatched




    Gettin serious now







    Lads are relaxed. Slight delay








    wont be long now


    • DLS v St. Brigits



    Game on



    1 point Each




    Goal DLS…Aiden gannon



    Point by seaghan



    1-2 0-2




    Dls winning 1-3 : 0-2





    Well on top


    1-4 : 0-2




    GOAL…DLS. the boy gannon again


    2-4 : 0-2






    The boy on fire



    3-4 : 0-2






    DLS 3-4 : 0-2




    Using the big pitch well.




    Only 1 team in it




    The man with the plan getting it right all round





    2nd half







    Brigits applyin pressure


    3-4 : 0-3



    3-4 : 0-4



    huge effort



    goal Lorcan dls



    4-5 0-4


    Goal celvin dls




    5-5 : 0-4




    Lookin good



    the spin home not lookin so bad now




    norises odds on



    5 left



    5-5 : 0-5



    the girls ready for pitch invasion



    All over……




    Amazing scenes



    There are tears in Mayo


    Im outta here. Long spin home



    large bottles here i come….



    The future is bright with those young lads



    Well done to all involved…






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